Charitable Foundations

Charitable Foundations

Travis Reed & Associates is not only passionate about Atlanta real estate, our team also has a strong heart for charity, especially in Georgia.┬áHere’s a few charitable foundations we support:

Humane Society

Andee’s Army Foundation

Alliance Theater at The Woodruff

Forward Arts Foundation

Sheperd Center for Spinal Cord & Brain Injury Rehabilitation

CURE Childhood Cancer and The Bowen Story Fund

When I first met Travis Reed at an open house in Virginia Highlands nineteen years ago, I had no idea how fundamentally he and Michael Kriethe would impact our lives. Yes, Travis and Michael know everything about the market and make all the parts of buying and selling a home, even those tedious parts, painless and seemingly easy, but more important than all of that is their uncanny ability, and desire, to discern the house that is right for you and how you hope to live. This ability has made all the difference for us.

-Shawn and Michael Ouweleen